Time’s value, knowledge of the market.

How we began

Our history begins in1995, during the first steps of the World Wide Web in Italy, with the establishment of Quadriga S.r.l. In 1995 was also developed, in partnership with Ospedale Sacco, one of the first Italian websites: www.aids.it (1995). which provides a service of a direct communication service between patients and committed medical staff. In its first two years of activity, this service provides assistance to over 100.000 users.

The increase of the structure

Thanks to the experience acquired with the project “aids.it” the company increases and in 2000 it became DOT S.r.l. The company turns into digital services provider of multiple national agencies in the healthcare world. The early 2000s see a great reorganization assimilating new business roles and new headquarters. In 2006 DOT becomes one of the first ECM provider for Regione Lombardia and in 2010 it goes from a regional to a national provider.

Strengthening and new services

In 2014 we started DOT Tech, with the aim of focusing on the research and development of new technologies, especially medical devices. In this new scenario, DOT keeps dealing with the training management while DOT Tech is committed to the development of advanced services for the pharma world.

Il 20th anniversary and the future

After 20 years of activity, we’re committed to exploring and building increasingly advanced services in matter of telemedicine, artificial intelligence and developing more and more functional doctor-patient communication services, paying specific attention to the latest events and trying to foresee the challenges of the future!